Saturday, 13 December 2014


I  realized today that it's been a while since I blogged about food and that's just unacceptable! Lool! So to make up for lost times, I'm digging into my summer archives.

If you've been following my food posts, then you would have figured out by now that I have a thing for Italian. Zizzi was one of my favourite go to Italian restaurants in England,  because as much as I like fine dining, it's always great to have those budget restaurants inbetween that provide good value for money and have a nice and lovely enough atmosphere, to deserve the title of restaurant. 

Zizzi has a bubbly vibe to it that is particularly great when dining out with a cluster of friends or Family. It's fun, upbeat yet non-rowdy. As for the meals, I find that I'm the most partial to their King Prawn Linguine, it's in my opinion, their best pasta dish and I would recommend that if you are going to go the pasta way at Zizi, you might want to try it out. On the issue of desert Zizi's  chocolate and tofee nut sundae  that debuted sometime in summer of this year is definitely the way to go. The caramel topping and the nuts are just delightful and this  by the way is coming from a person who is not too crazy about nuts. It was easily the best food related risk my friends and I  had taken in a while, we had no regrets just nuts!

Here's wishing you all a wonderful weekend and week


                                     (Chocolate and Tofee Nut Sundae)                          


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Wednesday, 10 December 2014


The last 2 days have seen the release of  this season's pre-winter collections and leave it to Erdem to bring spring realities to England in winter. Erdem one of my favourite designers of his time, manages to execute a collection that blends a contemporary take on British preppiness, with a modern take on Victorian styled elegance, served up alongside 21st century urban sophistication, that lends it's inspiration from the 60's.
 His seamless infusion of present day interpretations of three different eras is astounding. The collection miraculously is not exuberant or understated. It finds balance between both extremes, emerging with refreshing creativity, saying so many things, yet not too much all at the same time. The Pre-winter collection is an introduction for the layman into the mind of the satorialist, that is Erdem Moralioglu









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Saturday, 6 December 2014


Washington Roberts, Mi-Le, Team Elan and one of my favourite Nigerian designers Maki Oh, were all about sophisticated simplicity at Day 2 of Lagos Fashion and design week. Washington Roberts brought minimalism to us in a stripes and clean, straight cuts. Team Elan was all about clearly defined lines and edges with pops of colours and beautiful airy hand painted prints. Maki Oh not one to be outdone, showed us a thing or two about whimsical minimalism. The silhouettes from Maki Oh's collection were flowy yet youthful and elegant. The leafs and adire looking prints had an indigenous story to tell, one relate-able to lovers of nature and culture.

McMeka brought the print drama, reminding us that real  Men do prints and colour. A contrast from the likes of Washington Roberts, McMeka was not reaching for minimalism. The designer packed as much flair and flamboyance into each suit,  as one possible could without compromising elegance. 

Grey and DZYN were in unison with McMeka bringing the party to live with the lightness and brightness of their colours. Grey very much in tune with their concept, commemorated this celebratory collection with party hats, while DZYN was the toast of night time elegance and glamour. Putting the sexy in sparkle, DZYN came to dazzle.

 Sunny Rose was in a league of it's own, gracefully exploring womanhood in a wild yet refined  fashion. It's choice of colours and use of unbridled animal prints was faultless, seamlessly managing to communicate strength and polish with shapes and a carefully crafted concept.


Washington Roberts










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